Suzana Santos

Suzana de Siqueira Santos


About Me

I am a postdoc fellow at PaccanaroLab, FGV-EMAp, Rio de Janeiro. My previous degrees (bachelor, master, and phd in computer science) were obtained at IME-USP, University of São Paulo.

Research interests

I work with network medicine and machine learning approaches applied to Biology. In particular, I am currently working with drug repositioning approaches for COVID-19. During my PhD, I studied properties of random graphs and developed statistical methods for analyzing graphs. Previous applications of our methods include problems involving gene co-expression networks, protein-protein interaction networks and brain functional networks.


Journal Articles

  • Santos SS, Takahashi DY, Nakata A, Fujita A. A comparative study of statistical methods used to identify dependencies between gene expression signals. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 15: 906-918, 2013.

  • Santos SS, Galastro TFA, Watanabe RA, Oba-Shinjo SM, Nagahashi-Marie SK, Fujita A. CoGA: an R package to identify differentially co-expressed gene sets by analyzing the graph spectra. PLoS ONE. 10: 0135831, 2015.

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Book chapters

  • Santos SS, Takahashi DY, Sato JR, Ferreira CE, Fujita. Statistical methods in graphs: parameter estimation, model selection, and test. In: Yongtang Shi, Sueliang Li, Matthias Dehmer (Eds.). Mathematical foundations and applications of graph entropy. Wiley-Blackwell. 6: 183-202, 2016.



R package with statistical tests for comparing gene co-expression networks.

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R package with statistical methods for networks, such as statistical test, parameter estimation, and model selection.

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